Loose Tea Guide – Discover the Many Varieties

Tea, who knew a three letter word could do so much for us!

It offers many health benefits, varieties, plus a lifetime of drinking enjoyment. No wonder it’s the second most consumed beverage in the world.

It is the perfect companion in everyway and I try to drink at least 3 cups everyday. It is great to have on a lazy morning, rainy afternoon, or quiet evening while enjoying a movie, TV show, or book. I love this beverage, and I am glad that it replaced coffee for me when I was in need for a hot drink! And to think I only drank it when I was sick.

There are so many varieties of loose leaf tea I have already experienced which I will share with you, yet so many more that I haven’t which I hope we can explore together. But please remember one important thing…

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About the Four Main Types of Tea

White Tea is the youngest and most delicate of all the main types producing a light cup with an airy aroma and sweet subtle and sometimes vegetal flavor.

The leaves are picked from the bush when they are in early development, (in some cases when they’re just tiny buds) steamed, and left to dry. This processing method allows the leaves to preserve most of its many powerful antioxidants which studies have shown can help benefit our health in many areas.

Green Tea is the second least processed (oxidized and/or “cooked”) of the four main types and unlike white, produces a more vegetal & robust cup…this all depending on variety.

There are hundreds of varieties of this type with many countries producing hundreds of tons a year. China and Japan cultivate the most green than most of the other tea producing countries.

Green also has many health benefits, and drinking several cups a day in loose form can help lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, boost the immune system, and more.

Oolong Tea is the third “least processed” and is a sort of hybrid of green and black sharing many flavor notes that can range from “woody, earthy, and smoky, to vegetal, floral, and sweet.

China and Taiwan produce the most oolong, and many varieties can sell for over a hundred dollars a pound! The leaves are longer and require more room to steep, so having a large infuser is recommended for best results.

There are many flavor infusions that merchants add to this type such as jasmine, coconut, and caramel. Oolong is very versatile and offers many unique varieties to explore. Some of the more woody Chinese types also go great when enjoying a spicy meal.

Oolong also makes a great after dinner beverage too, and some popular benefits related to this type are lowered cholesterol, increased blood flow, and weight loss.

Black Tea is probably the most common type consumed world wide, and is generally enjoyed as a breakfast or afternoon beverage.

The leaves go through the most oxidation out of the four types, and therefore contain the most caffeine, about half the amount when compared to a cup of coffee.

India and Sri Lanka are two major producers and exporters of black, but many other nations such as China and Kenya produce many tons of it a year as well.

Flavor notes are more deeper with black and can range from earthy and malty, to flowery and “citrusy”. The color of black is darker as well, producing a rich & dark copper-like liquor.

It is the most common type found in most bags, but loses most of its flavor notes and health benefits when compared to loose form.

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