Varieties Of Flavored Tea

Below you will find some delightful varieties of flavored tea, all which comes in loose leaf form. Click Here To Skip To Iced Tea

Flavored tea is a great way to enjoy a hot or cold cup of tea! Since there are plenty of varieties to satisfy almost everyone’s taste, there is surely a cup out there waiting for you.

The best way to obtain true tea flavor along with your favorite flavored variety, there are two important tips I want to share.

First, be sure that you are NOT brewing from a tea bag, but instead are brewing from loose leaves in an infuser. Second, is make sure that the “infused” flavors are all natural and not artificial!

Most online tea merchants, like, have actual pieces of fruit, nuts, spices, etc. blended in with the flavored loose leaf tea. So you know that when steeped, you’ll get nothing but pure natural aroma and taste!

There are two main types of flavored tea… green and black

Flavored green tea comes in a decent variety of flavors and consist of mostly fruits and spices. The leaves are steeped in the normal way, and can be either of Japanese or Chinese origin.

I believe that flavored green tea, like iced green tea, is a good way for newcomers to start and adapt their taste buds to the misunderstood “vegetal” green tea taste. Slowly but surely this may lead to years of plain hot green tea drinking enjoyment!

Flavored black tea is probably the most common type of tea that is infused with natural flavors, and offers a nice selection of exotic and non exotic types.

This ranges anywhere from “apple” to “vanilla”, and is used with Ceylon black tea, which by itself has a sort of citrus taste to begin with.

Below is a list of flavored teas which are products of adagio teas. I will update with a description/opinion of each one as soon as they are sampled.

Almond- apple- apricot- banana- blackberry- blueberry- caramel- cherry- chocolate- christmas- cinnamon- coconut- cream- currant- forest berries- ginger- grapefruit- hibiscus- lemon- lime- mango- melon- orange- oriental spice- passionfruit- peach- plum- pineapple- pomergrante- raspberry- rum- strawberry- tangerine- valentines- vanilla.

All of the above are products of Adagio Teas, and each one tastes great either hot or cold. This tea merchant is one of the more known shops on the internet and offer a great variety of teas, all with customer reviews. Please visit this great tea store here.

In addition to green and black flavored teas, there are also flavored white and oolong teas as well.

Although not as common, these flavored varieties are enjoyed just as much.

Flavored white tea, may include a hint of jasmine flowers, blueberry, peach, and pear. Flavored oolong tea is usually infused with just jasmine flowers, but I did come across a ginseng flavored variety too.

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