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Loose Green Tea tastes far better when compared by brewing by a plain tea bag! Brewing this tea utilizing this method will reveal many notes and fantastic flavors that this tea is noted for.

Browse These Great Varieties offered by Adagio Teas (some varieties may not be available all year round)

pi-lo-chun-green-tea-thumb Pi Lo Chun Tea – Pi Lo Chun, which also mean “green snail spring” is a Chinese tea from the Fujian province that produces a sweet and mellow cup of with mild vegetal notes. An excellent variety to introduce yourself with.


dragonwell-green-tea-thumb Dragon Well Tea – Adagio’s version of dragonwell tea has a great mild flavor with a hint of subtle sweetness. Not a very grassy tasting tea which makes a perfect “newcomer” Chinese loose green tea. Full review here.


sencha-green-tea-thumbSencha “Premier” Tea – Sencha “Premier” from Adagio Teas is afine variety for the money which produces that slightly nutty & sweet distinct grassy cup. Browse more.


gyokuro-green-tea-thumbGyokuro Tea – Gyokuro tea from Adagio Teas steeps a decent quality cup that is worth the price. This loose Japanese green tea brews a nice balanced medium-depth cup full of flavor; not too grassy either.


kukicha-green-tea-thumbKukicha Twig Tea – Kukicha, meaning “twig tea” creates a citrus-like aroma with a medium-depth vegetal flavor along with sweet & butter-like nutty notes. A nice tasting and very calming Japanese tea.


genmai-cha-green-tea-thumbGenmai Cha Tea – The exotic Genmai cha green tea has a nutty, roasty, and slightly sweet aroma and flavor worth sampling. Great when desiring something different!


green-needle-green-tea-thumAnhui Emerald Seed Tea – Anhui Emerald Seed green tea produces a light, clean, and mild floral/vegetal cup that has a tangy airy aroma. A light green tea with some white tea characteristics. Read full review.


green-pekoe-green-tea-thumbGreen Pekoe Tea – Green Pekoe loose tea from Adagio teas is a soothing and mellow beverage. Another perfect tea for newcomers since it is not as vegetal or strong as some other varieties.


xue-ya-ballard-green-tea-thJasmine Yin Hao Tea – Jasmine Yin Hao green tea from Adagio Teas. Light, nutty, fruity & smoky with a pleasant airy aroma most fans of green tea should enjoy. Discover more.


green anji green teaGreen Sencha Overture Tea – Green Sencha Overture tea from Adagio teas is a medium-depth Chinese green with a nice balance of vegetal & sweet flavor along with a light pleasing aroma. A step up from “Green Pekoe”.


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Some Interesting Facts

Who knew that a cup of green tea can do so much for you. I know the taste may take some getting used to for some, but trust me you will grow to love it, and once that vegetal taste becomes a bit sweeter you’ll have a whole world of varieties to explore! As well as a new healthy habit.

Now for my fellow seasoned tea drinkers who already know its mellow taste, please do not leave this page! We are about to go beyond the greenish brew and discover the many wonders and benefits it offers.

Adagio Teas – Fine Selection Of Green Loose Leaf Tea

The most common thoughts about green tea are health benefits.

When you think about this tea, you think about health benefits. When you read about this tea, you read about health benefits. And yes, this type of tea is loaded with them! Hundreds of studies have been done revealing so many ways green tea is good for us.

We will explore most of them in a second, but before we do, a quick note:

What I am about to share with you is good news at first glance…but. The following information and findings about this tea should not be taken as an actual preventative or cure for any known health ailment. Always consult your physician before long-term consumption of any type of tea, and how it can help benefit you.

The Many Health Benefits of the green tea.

  • Helps fight and prevent certain cancers and tumors
  • Helps protect your heart by lowering cholesterol
  • May help prevent cavities
  • Is beneficial to women by lowering the risk of gallbladder cancer
  • Good for your liver
  • May help people who suffer from arthritis
  • Has antibacterial agents that can help shield you during cold season

Chinese And Japanese Green Teas.

There are two main types of green, Chinese and Japanese. We get hundreds of varities of tea from these two very different countries, each one with its distinctiveness. There is no one Chinese or Japanese type of green.

How is this tea processed?

A common misconception is that the green type of tea comes from a different tea plant. However, all tea including green comes from the same Camellia sinensis bush. What determines if the tea will become a “green” type is the processing the newly picked leaves will undergo.

Literally every second counts during the entire processing stage! From the plucking to the pan firing. An experienced tea drinker can tell if a tea was steamed or baked, or even approximately how long it was withered!

Ok, What About The Taste?

Here is where green tea gets an undeserving reputation…its taste.

For the newcomers reading about this tea I will not lie to you. The taste in some varieties of green can be a bit “grassy” or “vegetal” at first. It was for me when I first tried it. But after a few cups, your palate opens up to it…trust me!

An important taste factor really depends on how you brew this tea in the first place, by tea bag or by loose leaf.

Green Tea Vs Black Tea.

How much better is green than black tea? Well, there is a lot to consider here…like taste, varieties, what makes a better morning tea or evening tea, and of course health aspects.

Black tea is not that much different in the areas of health than green. While it is true the green type has a bit more antioxidants, these difference levels are not night and day.

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