Exploring Herbal Tea

On this page we’ll have a look at herbal tea, which are also called “tisanes”, explore some common varieties, and learn about the many health benefits these very different brews can offer us.

Now although I’m not a fan of all herbals, there are a select few that I do enjoy. Especially olive leaf, rooibos, and peppermint tea!

Herbal teas are not considered “true” teas; they are different. Tisanes are simply an infusion of hot water mixed with the leaves, seeds, roots, barks, flowers, fruits, stems, and nuts of other plants, and do not come from the same Camellia sinensis bush which produce our traditional white, green, oolong, and black teas.

There is a wide selection of these herbal brews to enjoy, with each one offering its own health benefits, which will be discussed on their focused pages.

Click below to learn about each type of tisane of herbal tea.

Chamomile tea: the sweet tasting brew from Chamomile tea has been used for many generations. This herbal treat can help aid digestion, stomach pain, and give one a good nights sleep.

Lemon grass tea: lemon grass tea is an herbal infusion that has a zesty, lemony, and refreshing taste. This herbal beverage also shows evidence of having antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Herbal green tea: herbal green tea is a beverage that takes the leaves of green tea and combines it with the flowers, leaves, and roots of other herbs enhancing the already great health benefits and taste.

Essiac tea: essiac tea is a blend of herbs which some believe when brewed may have cancer treating abilities. This interesting herbal infusion may help other health disorders as well.

Ginger tea: ginger has been used for ages by many cultures to fight colds as well as a cooking spice. Modern claims suggest ginger tea may help with migraines and arthritis.

Peppermint tea: one of my favorite herbals, this tea has a nice minty taste that when consumed helps with various stomach disorders, one of which is IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Also, the flavor is not as overwhelming as folks may think.

Spearmint tea: another mint tea, spearmint like its cousin peppermint helps sooth and relax the stomach and bowel. However, unlike peppermint tea, I found spearmint to have more of a slightly sweeter taste. Very refreshing when drunk cold!

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