Loose Black Tea Reviews

Loose black tea, which is probably the most consumed out of all the four types come from three main countries, Assam, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), and China. Each one offers a unique character, some of which are blended together, and provides tea drinkers with a deep rich, earthy, and sometimes sweet/malty cup.

Below are some common and even some exotic varieties from around the world, all which are offered by reputable and recommended online tea shops. Do enjoy!

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Irish Breakfast — Irish breakfast tea from Adagio Teas is a blend of Ceylon and Assam teas which produces a cup with a nice balance of malty and citrus-like notes.

English Breakfast — English Breakfast tea has a nice rich and smoky flavor that serves as a great morning tea. Made from quality Chinese Keemun loose black tea. Goes great with milk.

Assam Harmony — loose leaf black tea is an Indian tea offered by Adagio Teas that has a pleasant sweet-earthy and malty taste consisting of black leaves with golden tips. A great morning tea.

Ceylon Waltz — A medium-bodied, rich tasting black tea from Adagio; Ceylon Waltz makes a cup that is perfect for breakfast and goes great with milk and sugar.

Ceylon Sonata — Ceylon Sonata loose black tea brews a similar cup to Ceylon waltz tea, and has good depth with mild malty tones and a hint of citrus that lingers on the palate.