Olive Leaf Tea – What Is It?

olive-leaf-tea-pic-2Out of all the herbal teas I have sampled and enjoyed, olive leaf tea is my true favorite, and for a couple of reasons. The research from both past and present day have me a little excited along with the wonderful taste.

But before we get into the interesting health aspects, first let’s tackle what olive tea is…

Olive leaf tea is in a category of its own, and like Rooibos tea (my other favorite), deserves a section of its own. It is truly a unique tea which I recommend folks try at least once above all!

The brew from olive tea is not steeped from little bits of fruity olives, but as its name states, is steeped from the leaves of this ancient tree. The variety of trees the leaves are plucked from today are called the “Mission” and “Manzanillo” trees.

Once the leaves are handpicked from the tree, they are carefully washed, quickly air-dried, then left to cure with the absence of sunlight. Once processed, these leaves can stay fresh for up to one year so long as they are properly sealed and stored away from sunlight. As with all teas, their essential oils will eventually vanish leaving the drinker with little flavor and benefits (a common problem with most tea bag teas).

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So, Why Make Tea From Olive Leaves?

Well, olives in general are enjoyed throughout the world and for many years have had noted benefits. Olive oil is a top choice in culinary when baking, frying, or sautéing since it is one of the healthiest, and also enhances the flavor in foods it’s mixed with.

So, it does make perfect sense to utilize the leaves of this tree as well.

As with most herbal teas, it is easily prepared by bringing fresh water to a boil, let cooled for a couple of seconds, then poured over the loose leaves in an infuser where it is left to steep for 4 to 5 minutes. This tea also comes in whole leaf size, as well as tea bags.

Olive Leaf Tea Taste

The taste of this tea is rewarding as well, almost everyone can enjoy its flavor! It is not grassy, bitter, vegetal, woody, or anything else that is sometimes associated with some other teas. Olive leaf tea has a mild sweet aroma and pleasant taste along with other “olive-like” notes that treat the palate quiet nicely.

In fact, it is almost like a weak soup rather then a “tea”, but altogether remains full-bodied. Another important thing to mention is that the liquor is not oily or thick either, its texture is like any other tea.

Even when it is brewed from a tea bag it still obtains most of its flavor, and if you read some other pages on my site, you know that I recommend against tea bags! However, I’ll still state that loose leaf olive tea yields a better quality over the bags.

The Health Benefits Of Olive Leaf Tea

Now let’s look at the other side olive tea is known for…its health benefits.

For years, green tea has had the spotlight in the area of health aspects, and while it is true drinking green tea can help aid folks in several ways, right now we’re going to tip the cup on green and look at what olive tea can steep for us.

Some benefits of the Olive Leaf Tea are:

  • Combats Viruses, Inhibiting Them From Replicating
  • Helps Lower Cholesterol
  • Helps Lower Blood Pressure
  • Has Anti-Fungal Properties
  • Has Anti-Bacterial Properties
  • Helps Prevent Cold Sores And Herpes
  • Maintains A Strong And Balanced Immune System
  • Can Help Prevent Shingles
  • Fights The Common Cold And Flu Bugs

A property in olive fruits and leaves called oleuropein (oh-lee-or-oh-pin), is what may be giving this tea a special edge. This tea is also loaded with an arsenal of antioxidants and powerful polyphenols that are responsible for its listed abilities as well. Further details on the benefits.

Where To Get Olive Leaf Tea?

olive-leaf-tea-picUnfortunately, not too many stores in your area will carry olive leaves. They may even look at you in a curious way since they probably would have never heard about steeping a tea from them in the first place. While this may make you smile since you have the advantage of knowledge after reading this page, it still leaves you with one problem…getting your hands on some that is the real deal and of good quality.

Right now, I know of only one merchant that offers these leaves, Olivus.com. They have their own orchard and process everything themselves. I can recommend them confidently since the quality of their product is above standard, and have currently enjoyed their teas thus far.

Their prices are reasonable, and are far from jaw-dropping; and also sell other olive care products worth checking out as well.

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Conclusion…is the Olive Leaf Tea he Best “Herbal” Tea?

Well, that all depends on how you look at it. While olive leaf tea tastes great and offers many health benefits, it’s too early to tell if this will be the next green tea. I certainly hope so since the research looks promising, but at this time it still seems very young in the world of tea connoisseurs.

It also comes down to your own personal preferences. For me, a tea type should taste great, provide healthy benefits, and offer many varieties, all but one of which something olive tea lacks. But that’s ok, it is something that is truly unique, and that alone deserves a place in my tea cupboard any day.

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