Oolong Tea (Wu Long Tea)

Oolong tea or Wu long tea brewed from whole leaves creates a rich cup full of plentiful antioxidants and polyphenols that provides many benefits such as a stronger immune system, free radical destruction, and even help with weight loss!

Oolong loose tea also tastes great as it produces a liquor that has a golden-brown color along with a sweet, woody and sometimes flowery aroma and flavor. This tea type falling between green and black definitely has its own distinctiveness that is sure to please both the seasoned drinker and newcomer to loose tea.

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Pouchong Tea – Consisting of large leaves that brew a light, floral, and delicate taste, Pouchong oolong tea from Adagio Teas makes a calm, pleasing cup. Great for newcomers to this variety. There is also a coconut version as well!


ti-kuan-yin-oolong-tea-thumTi Kuan Yin Tea – Ti Kuan Yin, also meaning “Iron Goddess of Mercy” is a bit more woody than Pouchong and offers a cup with just a wee more depth. A well-liked Chinese oolong.


wuyi-ensemble-oolong-tea-thWuyi Ensemble Tea – Wuyi Ensemble tea produces a rich, warm, floral cup with a delicate aftertaste that quietly simmers away. A great Chinese oolong tea to have with dinner. Read full review.


huang-jin-bolero-oolong-teaFormosa Oolong Tea – Another fine tea comes Formosa Oolong tea that has a mild crisp floral taste with mild citrus-like notes that linger on the palate. A pleasant light & sweet loose oolong.


dancong-aria-oolong-tea-thuDancong Aria Tea – Dancong Aria tea brews a light and crisp beverage with a peachy, sweet, and slightly woody flavor. A rather fruity Chinese oolong that pleases the senses


Ali Shan Tea – Ali Shan tea is a rather mild sweet tasting light oolong tea that has subtle floral honey-like notes that treat the palate with every sip. Full review.


Oolong Almond Tea – Oolong Almond tea from Adagio teas is a deep woody, nutty, and earthy Formosa oolong tea that is full of flavor. Full review & ratings.


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Basic Information about Oolong Tea

“Oolong 18″ — Oolong 18 from Adagio Teas is a Taiwanese tea that has jade tea characteristics. The curly balls open up once brewed revealing a light floral liquor producing a great tea that can be best enjoyed during or after spicy meals.

Oolong tea which is also known as wu long tea or brown tea, is a cross between green tea and black tea. However this tea type has more green characteristics than black.

This tea like all tea types comes from the same Camellia sinensis tea plant, and as stated above is a type in between green and black teas.

This is because the tea leaves are processed more than green tea leaves, but are not allowed to fully oxidize as the case with black tea. This tea is considered a semi-oxidized tea, and depending on the processing, which can vary between 10 to 70 percent oxidation, yields many varieties.

The brew of oolong tea is sometimes brown, hence the name brown tea, yet sometimes gives a golden-like glow, this of course depending on the variety. The taste can be either woody or flowery as well.

The Health Benefits of the Oolong Tea

Like white and green teas, oolong has many health benefits to offer. This tea has proven to destroy free radicals, which are known to cause certain cancers and even aging of the skin. A list of benefits include:

  • A stronger immune system
  • Healthy teeth
  • Younger looking skin
  • Aids in weight loss

Now while weight loss seems to be the most common benefit associated with wu long tea that I have come across, the above list gives us more insight .

More Focus On Weight Loss

Oolong tea has helped many folks lose weight.

Like green tea, oolong has the same calorie burning catechin polyphenols that along with proper dieting and exercise can help folks shed some pounds.

By inducing “thermogenesis”, the act of the body heating up which results in greater fat oxidation, studies have shown that this tea helps control obesity. Drinking 3 cups a day can bring noticeable results in under one month.

Should Folks Buy Oolong Online?

Yes, but only if purchased from reputable merchants. Another thing to consider is buying it in loose leaf form. That way folks can obtain the true unique flavor this tea offers and absorb more health benefits due to more essential oils being present. Adagio Teas is one I recommend for folks, and offers a nice selection worth checking out.

See Adagio Teas For Quality Oolongs

Another interesting thing about wu long tea is the way it is processed. The processing involved with brown tea compared to green or black tea types is more complex.

Oxidation plays a big role on what variety of oolong tea a farmer will produce. However, wu long tea leaves are only partially oxidized, and not fully oxidized. As noted above, black tea is the only type that is fully fermented.

What is the history behind this tea?

Oolong tea has an entertaining history, which includes both legend and fact.

Oolong means “black dragon” in Chinese, and as legend tells it, was invented by accident. The story goes that one day a tea farmer was out in his garden tending to his withering tea leaves when he was startled by a black serpent and ran off.

When he returned a couple of days later he found that his tea leaves have been oxidized by the sun, and out of curiosity brewed them to find it gave a pleasant taste.

The best oolong tea comes from Taiwan!

It is said that the finest oolongs comes from Taiwan where they are grown at high elevations in cool climates.

In the past Taiwan exported most of its tea, but today the people have become more adapted to their native beverage. With decades of news about health benefits along with the natural progression of culture, presently only about two percent of Taiwan’s tea is exported.

China too produces some fine oolong teas and is in fact the birthplace of oolong as with all tea types. It wasn’t until around 1810 where the tea made its journey to Taiwan, which at the time was a part of China.

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