Refreshing Spearmint Tea

Spearmint tea is a mint tea type that is refreshing whether drunk hot or cold. Spearmint herbal tea is not as strong as peppermint tea, yet offers similar digestive health benefits.

The minute you open up the tin containing the small spearmint leaves, you’ll be reminded of fresh breath mints, or chewing gum; it has that familiar aroma.

Only this time, you will not be sucking or chewing on it, but instead you will brew it to make a delicious cup of herbal tea that is bold and smooth, with a flavor that is not as powerful as the smell. In fact, it’s just right!

If one were to drink it iced and is suffering with a sore throat, the sensation of the chilling liquid running down the throat is fantastic!

Some Health Benefits Of Spearmint Tea.

Like peppermint, chamomile, and ginger tea, spearmint herbal tea offers certain digestive benefits.

Usually enjoyed after meals, spearmint tea may help stop heartburn, as well as relive gas pain due to bloating, and is also a good nausea and stomach ache soother.

This tea also aids in the natural digestion of food by helping the release of bile and stomach juices. This mint tea is also relaxing and helps calm nerves.

Spearmint, which is native to the Mediterranean, has long spear-like leaves which earns it its name “spearmint”. The plant prefers wet, organic soil, and can grow to a height of about 100 cm.

The tea can be purchased and brewed in both loose leaf or tea bag form.

However, the best way to enjoy any herbal tea, or regular tea, is to brew it whole and avoid tea bags. You get what you pay for with tea bags, which is usually inferior flavor that causes most folks to lose interest in what could and should have been a nice experience!

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