Delicious Tea Foods

On this page we’ll have a look at some common everyday tea foods and treats that go great with that perfect cup of loose leaf tea.

While we wait for our brew to steep, we have a decent variety of food that we can choose from, some lighter than others (calories), and some that will be perfect for each type of tea we may be drinking.

Some of my personal favorites are tea and toast, tea with Shirley biscuits, and of course tea and crumpets.

For a switch, I might have an English Muffin or blueberry muffin, or even some graham crackers.

The below foods go well with almost any type of tea…especially black tea varieties such as Irish Breakfast and Earl Grey!

Let’s have a look.

Tea and Crumpets

This is probably the most common tea food.

This tea treat closely resembles an English Muffin save the fact that it is a bit smaller and is cooked on only one side rather than two.

Tea Scones

Another popular food to enjoy with tea, scones come in a variety of fruit flavors as well as plain. It has also been in my experience that they come in a variety of sizes too, but that probably has to do with the bakery.

If one is sick of toast or muffins, this treat is a healthier alternative before reaching for a sugar-coated donut.

Tea Sandwiches

Tea sandwiches usually take the form of food that can be eater in 2 or 3 bites. The bread can be wheat, rye or pumpernickel, and have many spreads. They can also have many food toppings such as chopped chicken or fish.

Tea Cake

Tea cakes go great with tea, and like other tea foods, come in a nice variety. Russian tea cakes are a common example of these small treats, but other forms of this food exist as well, most which technically aren’t really “cake” to begin with.

Tea And Toast

Tea and toast is another very simple tea food that anyone can prepare in an instant! It is easy to make and is perfect for an afternoon treat or light breakfast. Best with black loose leaf teas, especially Earl Grey Tea.

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