Tea Gift Ideas – Impress With These

Is Your Tea Gift Something Deserving of a Warm Hug?

Don’t settle for an ordinary basket or tea gift set containing dried up, bland tasting bags…go gourmet! After leaving this page, you may even anticipate handing them your gift!

1) Box of Loose Tea Tins

loose tea tinsEvery “true” tea drinker world-wide will agree upon one thing. Loose tea tastes far superior to tea bag tea! It will always provide more health benefits and a more rounded, well- balanced aroma and flavor.

There are so many offered varieties of loose tea overall, that discovering each one can take a lifetime…something which is sure to make any drinker busy. Adagio Teas has a fine selection of gourmet white, green, oolong, and black tea along with loose herbal teas.

They provide sample tins of each variety as well making them a great place to start any tea journey.

Products of Adagio Teas

2) The “UtiliTEA” Electric Kettle! (older model shown)

utilitea electric kettleThis is a great idea, especially for newcomers to loose tea.

This 30oz (1 liter) electric kettle makes a fine tea gift and will heat water to a temperature of your specific choice. Why is this important?

Different tea types require different temperatures. Adding boiling water to black tea is fine, but it will burn white, green, and some oolong tea types which will compromise the already delicate flavor of these teas.

This kettle is not cumbersome and can fit comfortably at the end or corner of a countertop. Just add water, plug it in and set to the instructed temperature. Great for home or at the office for enjoying tea, soups, instant oatmeal, etc. Heats water at a nice speed!

See what others think of it…Visit Adagio Teas For More

3) The “TriniTEA” Electric Tea Maker

TriniTEA tea makerAlthough expensive, this item from Adagio Teas, is great for making multiple cups of loose tea all at once. It’s simple coffee auto-drip-maker design and ease of use makes the UtiliTea a perfect piece of teaware to own or give as a gift for when entertaining and making tea is something that happens quite frequently.

Similar Electric Tea Maker: Nesco TM-1 Tea Maker on Amazon 

4) Personal Cups, Pots, And Stove Top Kettles

cream and sugar setThese pieces of teaware are not a bad idea, although pretty common. Adagio Teas offers some nice items, most of which are made of clear glass.

There are cups with saucers, mugs, tea pots, and even a 60 ounce glass tea kettle. In addition, Adagio sells tea warmers, cream and sugar sets, and a porcelain tea tasting set as well.

5) Tea Filters & Personal Infusers

tea mug infuser & boxYou’ll want to visit Dragonwater.com for some of these.

This will add to your tea gift set, and you have several options. First, consider a personal tea mug infuser. These are great filters that are perfect for brewing a solo cup of loose tea. They are durable and with care will last a long time. Mug infusers offer lots of room for tea leaves to fully open releasing all of their essential oil for flavor and powerful antioxidants for health.

Other filters to consider are the convenient “Tea Sac” disposable paper filters for steeping when away or at work. They are set at a decent price and come in a box of 100. Select either Size 1 or Size 2 for small cups, mugs or tea pots.Size 3 are for larger pots.

For This Infuser & More See Dragonwater Teas

6) Other Ideas…

Other ideas can include literature on tea, a ticket or pass to a tea room or event (should any be present), and even adding some common tea foods to the gift like crackers, biscuits, cheeses, and cakes.

So, for folks who follow the helpful ideas on this page should come up with a great tea gift that would make their receiver feel very surprised…and special!

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