Types of Teaware

Using the proper teaware is essential for brewing that perfect cup of loose leaf tea! Here, we’ll have a look at the more common everyday tea equipment and their uses.

Teaware also makes great gift ideas for friends or family members who are everyday loose leaf tea brewers! From kettles to cups, this page will offer insight for both newcomers ready to explore loose leaf tea, and for folks who may be interested in new equipment for themselves or others.

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Tea Kettles

No stove is complete without a tea kettle sitting on the back-burner. This important piece of teaware comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and material types and are used to boil water for brewing tea…but not inside the kettle itself.

Although this is oblivious for most folks, I have come across a few people who asked me if they are to “cook” their loose leaf tea inside of the kettle. Tea is not brewed inside the kettle, only fresh filtered water should be present and not tea leaves.

Most kettles are made of metal, but others can be made of glass or even plastic. Click on the links below for more information of each.

  • Copper Tea Kettle
  • Stainless Steel Tea Kettle
  • Glass Tea Kettle
  • Electric Tea Kettle

Tea Pots

Tea pots are used for brewing and serving tea when two or more people are expected. Like kettles, they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and material types with the most common ones made from either ceramic or porcelain.

Tea pots are delicate and must be handled with care and washed thoroughly after each use. They make great gifts and look great on the table when it is time for afternoon tea!

More On The Different Types Of Tea Pots

Tea Cups

Next on the teaware list are tea cups.

What’s unique about tea cups is that like loose leaf tea, there are hundreds of types of them! Of course for most folks only a set or two would do. To be honest I rarely use them, and brew my tea inside of a mug with a fitted infuser.

Tea cups are more of a traditional item and are used for that special tea time occasion. Constantly using the small white cups may start to discolor their whitish appearance, especially if brewing only black tea.

However tea cups are great for housing tea since they are mostly made of ceramic which is great for holding in the teas heat! Like tea pots, they make great gifts for loved ones who love tea!

A Look At Some Different Types Of Tea Cups


If you want to brew loose leaf tea, you’ll need a good infuser. If you’re lazy, you can always buy tea bags, but you’ll never accomplish true tea taste or benefits this way! Real tea drinkers brew their tea loose leaf style, and that is where a tea infuser is needed.

Tea infusers come in different selections such as tea balls, tea spoons, and even large bags for the loose leaf tea. However I recommend you use an infuser that is big enough for the tea leaves to spread out which will reveal more of their essence and flavor!

Some Tips For Getting The Right Infuser

Where to Buy Quality Loose Tea

Purchase from Adagio Teas

Fresh Tea from Mighty Leaf Tea


Last on the tea equipment list is water. Yes…water!

Using the right kind of water is important when brewing. You paid money for your loose leaf tea, so using the wrong type of water can hurt the tasteful experience.

Tap water is the main culprit and should be avoided when making tea. Impurities like chlorine can interfere with the taste of some of your more delicate teas. Therefore, you should always use well filtered water or natural spring water for the freshest and more flavorful cups!

Also avoid using distilled water since this has the tendency to make the tea taste flat or bland.

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