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Loose white tea has a light and delicate taste that produces sweet and mild vegetal tones. Brewing it in loose leaf form is the best way to achieve maximum flavor & benefits!

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white-peony-white-tea-thumbWhite Peony Tea – White peony tea (white pea-knee), is a very soothing and delicate tea. Enjoyed best when brewed from whole leaf tea, this mildly sweet and fruity beverage makes a perfect evening cup of tea…


silver-needle-white-tea-thuSilver Needle Tea – Silver Needle Tea has a nice airy aroma along with a mild and delicate sweet tasting flavor. The most subtle of all varieties!


snowbud-white-tea-thumbSnowbud Tea – Snowbud loose leaf tea from Adagio Teas is another very calming and light tasting beverage with a hint of sweet vegetal notes that has a nice round flavor yet remains quite delicate on the palate.


white-symphony-white-tea-thWhite Symphony Tea – White Symphony tea is sort of in between Silver Needle and White Peony tea. This loose white Chinese tea is light & sweet with a delicate aftertaste. Full review.


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Information on White Tea

You’ve heard of green tea before, but white? What is it?

White tea is the “youngest” and most delicate of all teas. The leaves and buds of this tea type are generally picked from the bush in the early spring before they fully open. There is a very small window of time for the plucking of these baby tea leaves and you can usually find the harvesters out in the early morning hours before the sun rises.

White, out of all tea is suggested to be loaded with the most health benefits. The liquor color of this tea is very light and produces a pleasant aroma that is fruity and airy. The taste of white tea is somewhat sweet, and not as strong or “vegetal” as with the taste of some green tea varieties. And unlike its older green tea brother, this tea is suggested to be healthier.

Health Benefits Of White Tea

Throughout the years green tea has impacted western culture, as well as the tea drinking world, with one message; health benefits. But white as of late is starting to show its delightful colors too.

At the time of this writing, (September 2006) it has only been 18 months or so since I have learned about white tea, and before that, I was clueless that this type of tea existed. It was in an article I read while at work that told me that white, out of all teas offers the equal yet stronger health benefits, which include:

  • suggested help with preventing certain cancers due to its high levels of antioxidants and powerful catechins
  • is a great immune system booster and can help protect against viruses and disease-causing bacteria
  • helps keep oral hygiene by abating plaque growth and preventing cavities
  • is great at lowering bad cholesterol, blood pressure, and is good for the heart

What makes this type of tea so special and gain a certain edge over green is that the leaves get to retain most, if not all of their natural high concentration of catechins and powerful antioxidants since they go through very little processing and not firing (cooking). There is more to say about the health aspects of white tea which will be discussed below.

A little history

In legend it is said that tea was discovered by Emperor Shen Nung when a tea leaf from a nearby tree found its way into a cup of hot water he was drinking.

In a way, this first tea concoction was either a mature white or perhaps green tea type since oolong and black tea were not to be invented for many years…but that is just legend.

More accurate recordings tell us that the white type of tea was a beverage of royalty that dates as far back as 960 AD.

Purchasing White Tea

My first white tea experience was from Adagio Teas. “White Peony” tea was the variety, and after my first sip of that loose leaf tea I never went back to a tea bag again. This merchant offers a decent variety of whites, along with an impressive overall selection of other tea types.

Another great tea store worth considering is Mighty Leaf Tea. They too offer some fine quality loose leaf teas, and like Adagio, provide a fair selection.

Either store is recommended, and remain the better, more reputable online tea stores on the net with quality products.

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White tea is a super beverage in every way. Drinking just 2 to 3 cups a day can help increase your immune system and help reduce the risk of many dangerous health ailments. suggested studies

The next time you have company, introduce them to a cup along with your newly found knowledge.

It may be slightly more expensive than its relatives, but is worth every sip. Give white a try, and discover the light and sweet yet, very powerful side of tea!

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